Tuesday 12 May 2020

Faster and easier reservation!

Make your reservation for our rooms and other available services. Horison now support online reservation and inquiry for all your needs.

How to Book Rooms / Package

  1. Pick your needs

  2. For rooms select your arrival date, duration of stay and your accomodation meanwhile for package, select your package from our categories.

  3. For rooms, select your preferred rooms to stay for the selected date

  4. Fill in your contact information, make sure all the details is correct.

  5. Select your payment method from our many reliable payment methods.

  6. Pay your transaction and receive your voucher!

How to Inquire our Services

  1. Select Contact Us

  2. Select your inquiry needs

  3. Fill in your contact information and your inquiry details, make sure your details is correct.

  4. Submit your inquiry, we'll reach you to your submitted email or phone number